Man and Van

Man and Van Services London

If you required friendly and professional removal services for small-scale or short-term work, our man and van services London are the ideal options. You can hire spacious vans, a knowledgeable, skilled driver and a full team of removals experts, making it easier than ever to move between houses or flats.

We handle every client on an individual basis, with different quotes for each task, and always factor in their own particular requirements to the services we provide. Wherever you need to go, whatever you need to transport, our Man and Van packages will facilitate quick, efficient, stress-free removals, allowing you to enjoy your new property without worrying about delays or damaged items. Man and van hire London is one of the best solutions to transfer your every big or small thing with great care.

Furniture Assembly

Furniture Removals London

Furniture Removals London services are being offered at MH Removals. Our removal services include more than simply packing and unpacking items. We can also disassemble items of furniture, transport them and reassemble them at an alternative location. Our team includes skilled carpenters who can handle all types of furniture, including high-value antiques or designer items.

Disassembly can be a much safer option than transporting chairs or tables as they are, and we can discuss your options when you contact us regarding your removal needs. Rest assured that we always work to a high standard, with the right tools for every piece of furniture, and every staff member is fully insured to carry out furniture assembly tasks. Our man with a van service is really very affordable and helpful for commercial and domestic customers

we always work to a high standard,
with the right tools
for every piece of furniture


Storage in North East London

Storage in North East London is now available at MH Removals. We are one of the most professional and experienced companies in London. Along with removals, we also provide affordable and secure storage facilities. We rent out secure chests with a capacity of 200 cubic feet, at a price of £15 per week, enabling you to store valuable items during holidays or while you complete a move between homes.

When you store items with us, they will always be properly stacked and organised inside the chest. The chests are then stored in a facility that enjoys 24-hour protection from security personnel, with extra security arrangements at the entrance.

You can be confident that any items deposited with us will be safely stored until you arrive to retrieve them.We are a company with great space to keep your things fully protected and safe for the time you want. The rates are highly reasonable and you will surely find us one of the most professional and reliable service provider.

capacity of 200 cubic feet,
at a price of £15 per week

Specialist Removals

Specialist Removals

Specialist Removals are highly recommended to make sure that the whole process is done in a perfect way. Sometimes, clients have specific needs that only highly experienced removals staff can undertake. For example, we are capable of handling bulky, fragile and irregularly shaped items like pianos, ensuring that their keys and strings remain in perfect condition during removal tasks.

We can move clocks with fragile moving parts, safe deposit boxes that require extra care and attention, and any collections of jewels, stones, coins or ceramics that can easily become damaged in unskilled hands.

We are experts in adapting our services to individual clients, although some specialist removals may incur slightly higher costs than standard procedures. Just get in touch and we will agree on a package to protect your items at a reasonable price. Keep in mind, only MH Removals has great reputation among the local house removal companies

Just get in touch and we will agree on a package to protect your items at a reasonable price.

Packing and Unpacking

Packing and Moving Companies

If you are looking for one of the best Packing and Moving Companies, you are at right place. The skilled professionals at MH Removals know that packing items is not a simple, one size fits all process. Different items require specialist handling knowledge and forms of protection in order to safeguard them against damage while in transit. That’s why we work closely with every client to establish which items require specialist packaging.

We then use specialist boxes where required, supporting anything that will be at risk during the removal process. In our vehicles, we also use special covers and supports to fix items in place, minimising the danger of damage and putting clients’ minds at rest.

No doubt that there are hundreds of local packing and moving companies are working in London, but MH Removals is one of the experienced and reliable company among all. We are offering packing and unpacking services at the most affordable rates. We always provide great protection to the things that you have ordered us to move from one place to another.

At every stage, our staff check to make sure that items are secure and well protected, no matter how long the journey. Whatever types of items you need to move, we will be able to pack and unpack them as professionally as possible.

Packing is not the easiest task, it is required the expertise and techniques to pack your most important items. Once the process of shifting has done, now there is a great need to unpack those things with extra care. We are determined to offer the best packing and moving services to every customer. Contact us now 0786 0694233 or send us an email at for booking information.

e use specialist boxes
where required, supporting
anything that will be at risk
during the removal process.

House Removals

Home Removal Company London

If you need to move home with the minimum amount of fuss, MH Removals is the best and professional Home Removal Company London to contact. Our team of experienced removal professionals has been moving families, couples, and individuals for years, and we can handle whatever you need to transport. We will work with you to establish whether any items need extra care and attention, and ensure that these items are handled delicately from start to finish.

Our team will then use their skills to pack your items efficiently and safely, with the option of additional protection for glass or ceramic items, or for fragile works of art. At the other end, we will then unpack each item carefully and efficiently, rounding off a hassle-free removal process. If you are looking for one of the best removal and storage companies in London, hire us.

Home removal is one of the hectic tasks to complete efficiently, this could only be accomplished with the help of a professional company. MH Removals is an experienced and proficient service provider, we have the best professionals at work. We can handle every fragile item with great care, as we have the related tools and packing to keep them safe.

Removal is not that easy as many people think about it, you need Home Removal Company London to cope with this task efficiently and with great care. We are the company that always offer the best home removal solutions to the customers. We know how to provide the complete care to the belongings of every customer we are getting an order from. Get our services to throw away your tensions.

Wherever you live in London or the North-East, contact us and we will talk you through your house removals options.

Wherever you live in London
or the South-East, contact us
and we will talk you through your house removals options.

Commercial Removals

Commercial Moving Company

We offer a comprehensive, efficient office moving services and commercial removals services for all kinds of business. Our team can move anything, except for items that require special permits such as compressed gas canisters, and we are always willing to work to the timescales laid out by customers.

Whenever our services are required, we will provide spacious removal vehicles (up to 700 cubic feet in volume), and ensure that everything from IT equipment to filing cabinets is transported safely and punctually to the desired location. We are fully insured to transport commercial items, and our team has years of experience in handling fragile or complex equipment.

No matter what business you are involved in, this Commercial Moving Company can assist you in a professional way.

No matter what business you
are involved in, our commercial
removals team can assist